Garage Cabinets  

Are you trying to create organization out of chaos in your garage?  


You've made the decision to finally clean out the garage clutter and make it orderly and organized, but you're not sure exactly how to start.  One of the key tips in organizing the garage is getting everything up and off the floor.  This is particularly important if you're planning to keep your car there.  Traditional garage cabinets can be useful, but they're expensive and will eat up every piece of precisous floor space that you need for lawn equipment, toys, bikes and more.  Not to mention, you or the kids will probably slam the car door into them a few hundred times.  So, we introduce to you The Tool TamerTM.  It is a hanging storage system  Read More

  Don't Use Bulky Garage Shelves - Use the Slim Profile Tool Tamer
Use the Tool Tamer to Organize Sports Equipment, Shoes and Boots
  Store All of Your Garden Supplies - Plus, It's Easy To Take Them With You

 with a super slim profile that will triple the space in your garage by using every inch of wall space you have.  Because The Tool  Tamer has a ton of pockets of all different sizes, it allows for storage of a wide range of items - toys, shoes and boots, crafts, tools, sports equipment, etc.  Pretty much anything you can think of.  The Tool TamerTM provides great storage and is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a garage setting.  It's time to stop forcing yourself to squeeze past a barrier of boxes and various toys and yard items to get in the house. Order The Tool Tamer today at  You'll be glad you did!